1. Introductory provisions

1.1. These general contractual terms and conditions for renting models (hereinafter referred to as “terms and conditions”) of FACA d.o.o. are an integral part of offers and rental agreements concluded between the company and the model renter.

1.2. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of all contracts or agreements concluded between the company and the customer and apply to any customer order related to model rental (offer, quotation, order, contract, etc.). By entering into a legal and business relationship with the company (the acceptance of an offer, issuance and/or confirmation of an order, acceptance and/or confirmation of a quotation, contract conclusion), the customer explicitly agrees and fully complies with these terms and conditions. The customer also expressly acknowledges that all legal relationships between them and FACA d.o.o. are governed exclusively by the contract, these general terms and conditions, or other general terms and conditions of FACA d.o.o.

1.3. These general terms and conditions are published on the website facacasting.com and are also kept in physical form at the company’s headquarters. The customer is informed of the general terms and conditions through the text of the contract itself. By signing the contract, the customer acknowledges that they are familiar with the general terms and conditions and fully acquainted with them.

2. Prices and payment terms

2.1. The customer and the company agree on the price in accordance with the company’s price list or a specific agreement stated in the contract.

2.2. The company is entitled to charge statutory default interest and collection costs to customers who are late with payment, in accordance with the Prevention of Late Payments in Commercial Transactions Act. These costs are not included in the enforcement costs of any legal proceedings.

2.3. The same payment terms apply to all companies with poor payment discipline, blocked accounts, or unpaid past obligations.

3. Rights and obligations of contracting parties

3.1. All models can be rented exclusively through the Faca Casting agency, as well as for all fees.

3.2. All photographs on this website are protected by copyright and may not be uploaded or used in a way that may harm our agency or the models we represent.

3.3. Stranka je dolžna družbo obveščati o kakršnih koli težavah ali napakah, ki nastanejo v zvezi s poslovanjem.

3.3. The customer is obliged to inform the company of any problems or errors related to the business relationship.

3.4. Without the consent of the Faca Casting agency, it is not allowed to copy, store, share, transmit, or display talent photos from this website. You agree not to create derivative works using, copying, or adapting materials from this website.

4. Duration of the contract

4.1. The contract is concluded for a specified period as agreed upon in the contract. The contract may be extended only in writing, through an annex, confirmation of a new offer, etc. The contract is never automatically extended.

4.2. These general terms and conditions are valid from September 23, 2022, until revoked or amended.

4.4. The company and the customer undertake to resolve any disputes arising from these general terms and conditions or the business relationship between the customer and the company through mutual agreement. If this is not possible, the exclusive application of the law of the Republic of Slovenia applies to all disputes arising from the relationship between Faca Casting and the customer, and the competent court is determined by the company and the customer as the competent court in Ljubljana.

4.5. By accepting an offer/quotation or signing a contract, the customer declares on each occasion that they have read the general terms and conditions and agree to them.

4.5. Stranka s sprejemom ponudbe/predračuna oziroma podpisom pogodbe vsakokrat posebej izjavlja, da je splošne pogoje prebrala in se z njimi strinja.


The following GDPR applies to models applying through the online form. To validate and accept the form, the model must agree to the terms and conditions and our GDPR policy.

11. FACA d.o.o. company stores and processes personal data of models, such as name, surname, gender, date of birth, phone number, email address, residential address, height, weight, shoe size, clothing size, other body measurements, other specific characteristics, acting experience, photographs, and video recordings for the above-mentioned purposes. For the purpose of potential fee payments, data such as place and date of birth, personal identification number, tax identification number, bank account number, and status at the time of payment are also collected.

2. FACA d.o.o. company may share personal data of models with third parties (producers, clients, agencies, and audiovisual service providers) located in or outside the EU, where the level of personal data protection may not be equivalent to that in the EU.

3. FACA d.o.o. company publishes photographs and/or audiovisual works in which the model participated on its website and social media platforms.

4. All personal data provided by models to FACA d.o.o. must be true and accurate, and any changes to the data must be communicated in writing to info@facacasting.com.

5. FACA d.o.o. company or the producer, agency, or client to whom FACA d.o.o. provides the model’s data may send written, electronic, or telephone notifications regarding inquiries for participation in audiovisual production or contact the model by phone or email.

6. FACA d.o.o. company retains the personal data of the model until a revocation request is made. The model can revoke their consent at any time and request access, correction, transfer, or deletion of data, or request the limitation of personal data processing, by informing the company via email at info@facacasting.com.

7. For more information on personal data protection and processing, the model can contact the data protection officer via email at info@facacasting.com and has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, i.e., the Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana.